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The Group are a vertically integrated specialty pharmaceutical group focused on manufacturing, marketing, and selling its branded prescription and over-the-counter western pharmaceuticals and modern Chinese medicine products, including modern Chinese medicine injectibles, for the Chinese market.
Diversified Portfolio of Branded Products with Deep and Well-Balanced Product Pipeline
Wuyi currently manufactures and markets 28 products:
22 prescription and 6 OTC
14 western and 14 MCM
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Extensive Sales, Marketing and Distribution Network with Established Brand Recognition
With 17 regional offices and 61 distributors, Wuyi's current geographic coverage encompasses 16 provinces and 4 municipalities
Capturing strong effort by the Central Government in rural area medical reform, the Company will further extend its operation to reach the vast market
Percentage of turnover contributed by provinces and municipalities as of 31 December, 2014.
10% or more      Less then 10%      Newly covered
  areas since 2007 (IPO)
Research and Development

We seek to identify, develop and commercialize innovative products for the treatment of medical ailments which are significantly underserved, principally in the areas of respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and infectious diseases and cancer. Our research and development efforts are also focused on the development of production technologies for the commercialization of western pharmaceuticals and medicines based on traditional Chinese medicine formulae in modern dispensing forms such as injectibles and capsules. We have developed significant know-how and expertise in this area since our inception. We develop new pharmaceutical products in house and through collaboration with external research partners. Our decision making process in selecting product candidates for research and development involves preliminary screening of potential new drugs based on whether they possess or are eligible to obtain approval to proceed with clinical trials as well as preliminary studies of technological feasibility, market condition, investment amounts required and projections of price and profitability. If we believe that the required investment amounts and related risks to be manageable and the product has significant potential profitability, our Directors and senior management will formulate research and development plans, enter into contracts with our research partners and supervise the implementation of research and development projects. Such a decision making process enables us to choose product candidates with greater potential for commercialization and lower investment risks, thereby managing our research and development expenses. In addition, under the collaboration agreements with our research and development partners, we make payments in stages with a proportion being payable at the commencement of the relevant research and further installments upon achievement of milestones specified under the agreements. Before each payment is made, our Chief Financial Officer examines the terms of the agreement to determine the accuracy of the amount to be paid and whether the milestone specified under the relevant agreement is achieved. These steps enable us to monitor and control our research and development expenses.


Advanced Manufacturing Facilities with Integrated Production Capacities

Jianyang Site

  • 20,000 square meters gross floor area
  • 10 production lines; all GMP certified
  • Raw material manufacturing established since 2005
  • Operates in nearly full capacity

Fuzhou Site

  • GFA: 23,000 sq.m
  • Built to support Perilla Oil Capsule production
  • 1 billion capsule capacity in 4 production lines

Jianyang Haixi New Site (Construction in progress)

  • 153,410 square meters of land acquired
  • Replace existing production plant and increase 2 production lines
  • Production capacity will reach 3 times of the existing level
  • 2 productions lines GMP certification have obtained on 18 Feb 2014, valid until 11 Feb 2019, can start products sales afterwards.
  • New administrative headquarter has completed construction in 2013, and is moving to new plant to meet demands for expansion.

Total Production Capacity (as at 31 December 2014)
Production Line Annual Capacity
Large Volume Injectibles (IV) 38.7m bottles
Small Volume Injectibles (IM) 630m ampules
Capsules 1,430m units
Granules 108m packets
Syrups 23.5m bottles

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